The software license checkout failed error 20
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The software license checkout failed error 20

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Autodesk 3ds Max Software License Error 20


While installing Autodesk 3Ds Max, software license error 20 keeps on appearing on my screen.

What do I need to do to address this problem?

The software license check out failed.

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Best Answer by Sharath Reddy
Answered By expertlong 0 points N/A #149881

Autodesk 3ds Max Software License Error 20


When you restart 3ds Max, the files will be recreated and activation is possible again.

If removing the files is not possible, open ‘Windows Task Manager’ and close any Autodesk associated programs.

You will see Autodesk by description of the programs in Task Manager.

Uninstall the software and delete the ProductInformation.pit and CascadeInfo.cas files located at C:ProgramDataAutodeskAdlm. Then restart and reinstall the software with admin rights or by Run as Administrator, this will clear your license error.

Check out the services running in Windows by entering the task manager and start the FLEXnet Licensing Service 64 if you have 3ds max x64 and it will resolve the issue.

Best Answers

  • Posted on — 05/16/2012
  • Question Category: Hardware

Best Answer
Best Answer
Answered By Sharath Reddy 590495 points N/A #149882

Autodesk 3ds Max Software License Error 20


The error 20 that shows up every time you open your program is related to the application’s broken license.

There are so many Autodesk users that are having the same problem as you are and all are related to a corrupted license file of the software. Even if they have the same problem, they still have different ways of solving it.

For one user, reinstalling the product solved the problem. Try reinstalling it on your computer. Uninstall it first then restart your machine. After booting, install Autodesk again then see if the problem is fixed.

But if still not then the problem might be caused by a corrupted file inside the ALL USERS folder. To fix it, open Windows Explorer then go to Tools then Folder Options. Select View tab. In “Hidden files and folders” category, select “Show hidden files and folders”.

You may also uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)” to make sure that all files are visible. Click either Apply or OK. Go to “C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataAutodeskADLM”. Find the file called “Cascadeinfo.CAS” and then rename it to something else.

After this, start Autodesk again and you’ll see the application will work again.

Renaming the file “Cascadeinfo.CAS” will make Autodesk create a new file that will fix the problem.

The software license checkout failed error 20

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Народ, вот решил поставить 2010 на win 7 . Вот такая беда при запуске. Перерыл весь инет, нет решения.. точнее есть одно, но не работает. Вот тут :licence error Может кто сталкивался? Есть решение?

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The software license check out failed. error 20 Печать E-mail

Ошибка регистрации, либо запуска 3ds max design 2009-2010-вылазиет ошибка the software license check out failed. error 20. Часто происходит при замене оборудования!

Как исправить ошибку the software license check out failed. error 20

1. Включить службу FLEXnet licensing через диспетчер управления службами.

Пуск-выполнить-services.msc, параметры запуска службы автоматически. Если не включена, включить!

2. В скрытой папке либо просто ввести в меню где директории (путь к папкам)
C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet и нажать ENTER удалить файла adskflex_00691b00_tsf и ещё backup. ( где написано adskflex).
3. Перезагрузиться


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Autodesk 3D Max 2013 – Error 20 License failed to check out Fix

If you are getting Error 20 – License failed to check out while installing 3D max this guide will help you fix the issue.

This could be caused by a bug in the program. In order to fix 3D Max Error 20 there are two set of steps that need to be followed.

3d max error 20 fix

How to Fix Autodesk 3D Max – Error 20 License failed to check out

Open the following directory in explorer “C:\> ProgramData\> FLEXnet
Delete the file in that folder
Restart Autodesk 3D Max

Error 20 for 3D Max can also be caused if the FlexNet Publisher Service is not installed or started. To correct the service status of Flexnet follow these steps

Click start and type “services.msc
Look for the Flexnet Licensing Service and double click on it
Change the startup type for this service from Manual to Automatic
You can also right click and choose Start to be extra sure the service is running.
Start 3D Max and you will no longer see Error 20 or Error 21.

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