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Конвертер из pdf в dwg

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Convert PDF to AutoCAD

Convert Any (regular or scanned) PDF to DWG Online Instantly

Or select a file from your cloud storage

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No Email Needed

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Safe and secure

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Convert PDF to AutoCAD at once

Replicate your PDF drawings in DWG files on the spot. Simply upload your PDF and download the converted DWG from this page. PDF drawings are converted to AutoCAD accurately and can immediately be modified and used as necessary.

This online PDF to AutoCAD tool converts scanned PDFs as well thanks to the in-built OCR technology. Our conversion engine will automatically recognize if the PDF is scanned and run OCR on it without any further action on your side.

Anonymous, safe and secure

We don’t ask you to provide your email address or any other personal or contact information at all. Your PDF files are processed on our servers and permanently removed shortly after conversion without any interaction with humans.

Free without size limits

You can convert PDFs of all sizes to DWG. They will be converted in full, without any watermarks.

How to convert PDF to AutoCAD Online Free:

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  1. Upload a PDF from your computer or a cloud.
  2. The conversion will start automatically.
  3. Wait for conversion to finish.
  4. Download the converted DWG file.

PDF to AutoCAD Converter FAQ

How does PDF to DWG converter work?

This PDF converter to AutoCAD is an online tool and requires internet connection. All uploaded PDF files are immediately sent to servers for conversion and then removed from the servers without a trace shortly after conversion. This process is performed automatically — humans don’t have access to the user files and the content within them. You can download the converted file directly from this page, during one session. If you happen to close the browser tab during that session, you will not be able to download the converted DWG file. You will need to repeat the conversion process by uploading the PDF again and waiting for conversion to finish.

How do I convert a PDF to DWG online?

To convert your PDF drawing to DWG online, upload it to ConvertPDFtoAutoCAD.com. You can upload the PDF file from your computer or cloud. We support Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive. The moment the file is uploaded to our servers, the conversion starts. Wait a bit for the conversion to finish and then simply download the converted DWG drawing to your computer.

How do I convert a scanned PDF drawing to AutoCAD?

ConvertPDFtoAutoCAD.com supports conversion of both regular and scanned PDFs to DWG. All you need to do is to upload any PDF and leave the rest to our conversion engine. If your PDF is scanned, the conversion engine will recognize it as such and run the OCR on it. Your scanned PDF drawing will be converted to an editable DWG file and ready for your to download and use as you see fit.

Is PDF to AutoCAD converter 100% free?

Yes, our online PDF to AutoCAD converter is absolutely free. You will not find any hidden costs — we don’t even ask for your email address or any other personal information.

How long does it take to convert a PDF drawing to DWG file?

The conversion from PDF to DWG usually takes about one or two minutes. The speed of conversion depends on the file size, its complexity and the speed of your Internet connection. The larger and the more complex your PDF drawing, the longer the conversion will take.

Can I convert PDF to AutoCAD for free without email?

Yes, you can convert PDF to AutoCAD without an email for free. Upload your PDF to this webpage and we will have it converted for you to DWG without asking for an email address or any other piece of information.

Can I convert a big PDF to AutoCAD online free?

Yes, you can convert large PDFs to DWG for free on our website. We do not limit the size of the files our users convert. That said, if you convert a really big PDF, you will need to wait longer for the conversion to finish, but your file will be converted.

How to convert PDF to AutoCAD offline?

Our PDF to AutoCAD converter is an online app and does not work offline. You need a working internet connection to use it. But, since some PDF to AutoCAD conversion users prefer to convert their PDF drawings to AutoCAD supported formats offline, we have partnered with the renowned developer of powerful desktop PDF software to offer you an offline conversion option. Find and download here an advanced desktop application for converting PDF to AutoCAD.

How to convert PDF to DWG on iOS and Android?

  1. Open your mobile browser and visit ConvertPDFtoAutoCAD.com
  2. Upload your PDF or import it from the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive)
  3. Wait until your DWG file is ready for download and then save it to your Android or iOS device.

Конвертер из pdf в dwg

1. Your relationship with AutoDWG

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1.3 AutoDWG may make changes to the Terms from time to time. By continuing to access or use the Services after AutoDWG makes any such revision, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms.

2.1 Definition: The Services provide the user with an online process for converting PDF to DWG file. The user’s file is uploaded to a AutoDWG server, a computer process converts it into DWG file format and then a link to the converted file is provided to the user. The user can then access the converted file by clicking on the link.

2.2 You acknowledge and agree that AutoDWG may restrict the Services in any way, including (but not limited to) limiting the maximum size of files that can be uploaded, limiting the maximum length of time a converted file will be stored (be available to the user) and limiting the number of times a user may use the Services in a particular time period.

2.3 AutoDWG reserves the right to change or discontinue any or all of the Services at any time without prior notice.


At AutoDWG, we are committed to protect your privacy. We know how important your personal information is. Our Privacy Policy tells you what kind of personal information we collect and how we use it.

• Information we collect
When we mention personal information, you might worry about the security of the PDF files you upload to Free PDF to DWG Online Converter and the generated DWG files. In fact, we do not collect the PDF files you upload and the output documents. It means we will never take a look at the content of your files. Your source PDF files will be deleted automatically from our server the moment you finish the PDF conversion. To make sure you can get the results documents, these results documents will be remained for a while. We will delete them within 7 days. Surely, access to the server is severely restricted. Your personal information we collect is your email address, but your Email Address will NEVER be sold, rented or provided to any third party.


1.Select the required PDF from your system to convert into DWG format, or drag and drop the file online.

2.Wait for a couple of seconds for the tool to complete the PDF to DWG conversion procedure.

3.The online tool will provide you with the converted PDF to DWG file, and you can easily download this.

Why choose us to convert your file

File quality assurance

Proper file security

Convert in one click

Quality format retention

Cross-platform support

Multiple file conversion

The Best PDF to DWG Converter and More

Efficient and quick file conversion

You can seamlessly convert PDF to DWG instantly without losing the HD details of the diagrams and figures. The PDF to DWG conversion generates excellent results even if the PDF is in scanned form.

Digitally sign the documents

The document signing has become easier after the introduction of the eSign feature. Through this, you can easily sign bundles of documents with ease and comfort of not printing the documents and handling them electronically.

Sensitive Character Recognition

The powerful OCR lets the users scan and extract the text from the paper documents and handwritten papers. It does not compromise the text quality and features with the help of strong scanning technology.

Versatile customization tools

With PDF Agile, you can easily edit the PDF document and apply various editing tools such as commenting, adding annotations, and merging more than two documents.

Convert PDF to DWG

Use our powerful PDF to AutoCAD converter tools to instantly turn your PDF drawings into
editable DWG files that are easy to update.

Free Online PDF to DWG Converter

Test Able2Extract PDF to DWG conversion technology 100% free online.
No watermarks, no email required.

How to convert PDF to DWG free online:

Step 1: Upload your PDF file.

Step 2: Download the converted DWG file.

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Desktop PDF to AutoCAD Converter & More

Try Able2Extract Professional the industry-leading PDF to AutoCAD converter that allows you to convert PDF drawings to DWG and DXF:

  • Batch convert hundreds of PDFs to CAD formats. Improved
  • OCR a scanned PDF with an advanced R2V engine. Improved
  • Edit PDF text instantly, split and merge pages.
  • Redact and create password-protected PDFs.
  • Sign & annotate PDF for easy collaboration.
  • Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

What are the Main Differences Between the Two PDF to DWG Solutions?

Fully Online Conversion

With the Free online PDF to DWG tool, you convert your PDF to DWG directly in your browser. An active internet connection is required for conversion.

No Internet Needed

Able2Extract PRO works completely offline without having to upload files to conversion servers. All major platforms supported: Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The Quicker Way

Online PDF to DWG converter can only convert an entire PDF to DWG through a quick and simple process. No advanced options available.

The More Accurate Way

You can perform PDF to DWG and DXF conversions. Convert to multiple file layers, merge connected segments into a polyline, and use other advanced options.

Basic OCR Engine

The online converter automatically recognizes scanned PDF drawings and converts them to a DWG file. Works on good scans and simple drawings.

Advanced OCR Engine

Able2Extract PRO comes with a built-in superior OCR tech that can process complex PDF drawings with an advanced Raster-2-Vector engine.

Convert Files One by One

You can upload your PDF documents and download the converted Excel files one by one. The free online converter does not support batch conversion.

Convert Multiple Files Instantly

You can use Able2Extract PRO to batch process multiple PDF documents at once and upload even whole folders for conversion to Excel in a single step.

2 Free Conversions per Day

Two free conversion actions per day — no email address required. The file size limit is 50 MB. We use a 2048-bits RSA key with SHA-256 encryption.

7-day Free Trial

Able2Extract PRO has a 3-page conversion limit after one unrestricted conversion action. Purchasing a license removes this limitation.

Only One Functionality

The free online converter can only convert PDF to DWG. It does not support selective conversion, batch processing, or other advanced functionalities.

One Solution for Everything PDF

Able2Extract PRO is a complete solution packed with features for all your PDF needs: accurate conversions, advanced editing, security and signature tools, and more.

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Go Beyond Basic PDF to DWG Conversion with Able2Extract PRO

Save Time with Batch Processing

Instead of converting one PDF at a time, use our desktop PDF to DWG converter to batch process entire folders of PDFs to CAD files at once.

Custom Conversions to CAD

Able2Extract PRO allows you to specify metrical units and polyline width, adjust the scale of complex floor plans, set a specific drawing insertion point, etc.

Advanced OCR Technology

Thanks to our high-fidelity OCR (Optical Character Recognition) engine, you can turn any scanned PDF into an accessible CAD file you can edit right away.

Convert to Multiple File Layers

Able2Extract PRO converts your PDF drawing directly into layers so you can easily access text patterns, hatches, and polylines.

Compatible Color Palettes

Pick the color palette of your choice. Our desktop PDF to DWG converter provides options for «Standard» black and white or «RGB» color palettes.

One Solution — All Tools Forever

With Able2Extract PRO you get lifetime access to its advanced offering: PDf conversion, creation, editing, OCR, signatures, security, and more.

More Able2Extract’s PDF Features


What is the best PDF to DWG converter for me?

You can use either an online tool or a desktop PDF converter to convert PDF to DWG. The main differences between the two are in the functionalities offered and the output quality.

You should use an online tool to convert your PDFs to DWG if you need quick and easy conversion on any PC or mobile device for free.

The main drawback of online tools is their simplicity (not great for converting complex drawings, no advanced features) and that they require an internet connection to work.

You should go for a desktop PDF to DWG converter if your work requires you to regularly convert complex PDFs to DWG and DXF formats. Desktop tools are usually equipped with advanced features and raster-to-vector (R2V) conversion engines.

Able2Extract Professional is a prime example of a powerful PDF to DWG converter for Windows, macOS, and Linux. It offers advanced features such as Batch PDF to DWG conversion, high-fidelity OCR engine for scanned PDFs, conversion to multiple file layers, and much more.

How to convert PDF to DWG offline?

If you want quick, easy, and accurate PDF to DWG transfer on your desktop, you can try our offline PDF converter software — Able2Extract Professional.

Once you download and install the software, launch it by double-clicking the software icon on your desktop.

From there, simply follow the steps below to convert your PDF to DWG offline:

  • Open your PDF document
  • Customize advanced conversion settings (optional)
  • Click on the AutoCAD icon

Note that Able2Extract Professional allows you to convert to two CAD formats: Drawing Format (DWG) and Drawing Exchange Format (DXF).

After the conversion is complete, you can open and edit your converted file in the CAD program of your choice.

How to convert scanned (image) PDF to DWG?

Powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is required to perform accurate conversions of scanned PDF files. Some online, and most offline tools come with a built-in OCR engine.

If you have a quality scan with clear formatting and layout, our free online PDF to DWG converter with OCR will provide accurate conversion output.

For poor quality scans that contain complex drawings, we recommend that you use Able2Extract Professional — an industry-leading PDF to AutoCAD converter that is equipped with a business-grade OCR engine for perfect Raster-to-Vector (R2V) extraction.

How to batch convert PDF to DWG (and DXF)?

Performing batch PDF to DWG conversion is not an easy task, as it requires high performance computing. That’s why most online tools allow you to convert your PDFs one at a time.

If you need to convert a large volume of PDFs to DWG on a regular basis, you’re better off with a desktop PDF converter software.

Instead of converting one document at a time, you can use Able2Extract Professional to automate the conversion process by adding hundreds of PDFs to the conversion queue. This way you can batch convert whole folders of PDF files to DWG/DXF at once with speed and accuracy.

How to convert only certain parts of PDF to DWG?

Free online converters are not capable of selective PDF data conversions, you can only convert an entire PDF file.

On the other hand, professional, desktop PDF conversion software like Able2Extract Professional allows you to select and convert an entire document, a page range, specific pages, or even a single drawing.

The process is rather simple: 1) Open your PDF in Able2Extract Professional, 2) Draw-select the specific part you want to extract, 3) Convert to DWG or DXF.

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